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Why do Seniors Move?

There are many reason why we decide to move, new job, better schools, bigger house. That fits the bill for 20-50 year olds but why do seniors move? You may be surprised by a couple of these.

  • Closer to family. Obvious, we all would have guessed this. In fact it is one of the top reasons why any of us move.
  • Yard work. They are just tired of it and are looking for a place that either provides this service or eliminates it, like assisted living.
  • Downsize. The house is just too large, too expensive and has too many stairs. Seniors are downsizing but not by much. In general they still have all that stuff and don’t want to get rid of it yet. Some of the senior developments near me offer homes that have over 4500 square feet of living space. It appears we downsize but it is relative to what we are moving out of. Rarely does anyone move to a one bedroom apartment from a 4 bedroom house.
  • Cost of living. They move to reduce taxes and cost of home ownership. New Jersey is seeing a huge movement of people moving south. The average tax we pay on a home in NJ is $7300.  I have friends in Florida that pay half that for more house.

Health plays a huge role also, it is often the driving force behind the other reasons.

The reason most mentioned to me on estimates? Yard work.  They do move into smaller places, they do move closer to kids and they do reduce their taxes but, the yard work and house upkeep is just too much now.

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Senior Care Facility Checklist

La Dolce recently published one of the best check off lists I’ve seen yet. Their contact link follows the article.

La Dolce Living’s Senior Care Home Checklist

Name of Nursing home:____________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
Telephone number: ___________________ Email: ­______________________
Contact Person: ______________________ Date of visit: _________________

Here are some questions to ask when touring a Senior Care Facility. Please feel free to add more questions, if you need to.


Is there a waitlist? If so, for how long?
Are visitors allowed anytime?
Do you like the atmosphere in the facility? Is it home-like?
Does the facility maintain a comfortable temperature for residents?


Do you like the location?
Is it close enough for family and friends to visit?
Is Guest parking available?


Facility has smoke detectors and sprinklers in all the rooms and hallway?
Does the facility have proper lighting?
Exits are clearly marked and unobstructed?
Does the facility have handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms?
Are the areas accessible to walkers and wheelchairs?
Are there door alarms installed?
Does the facility have good security in case a resident wanders?
Are the floors non-skid?
Are the Call buttons in the rooms and bathrooms accessible?
Does the facility have fire extinguishers that are strategically located?
Is there an Emergency drill on a regular basis?


Are the rooms and bathrooms clean?
Is the furniture comfortable and nice or can residents bring furniture?
Is there enough storage space in the room (drawers, cabinets)?
Are there different sizes of room options (singe or double occupancy)?
Are TVs, Cable, Radio, Internet, Telephone available for each room? If so how much is the fee?


Does the food selection vary from day-to-day and meal-to-meal?
Does the facility offer nutritionally balanced meals seven days a week?
Are snacks available?
Can a resident request a special meal?
Do residents follow a meal schedule or can they eat anytime?


Are there any upfront costs? (Deposit and other fees)
Do they charge extra for care and supplies?
Are there different costs for different levels of care?
What type of insurance is accepted?

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Medigap
  4. Long-term care
  5. Private Insurance

How much does the facility charge on a monthly basis?
How much will the insurance cover?
How much will Medicare cover?


Are they friendly?
Are the staff members dressed appropriately?
Do they wear nametags all the time?
Does the facility offer continuing education and training for staff?
Does the facility owners do background check for each staff?
Are the staff trained to handle emergency situations/conditions?


Does the facility offer organized activities with daily schedule postings?
Are there any activities/events held outside of the facility?
Are daily exercise programs available?
Can residents make choices on their daily routine/schedule?


Is transport service available if the resident needs to go to the bank, church, grocery, etc.?
Is staff available 24 hours to assist resident, if necessary?
Does the facility provide housekeeping services for resident’s room?
Any Spiritual Service available?
Does it meet your cultural and language needs?
Does the facility provide updates to family members regarding resident’s condition?


Does the doctor or nurse check on the residents regularly?
Can residents self-administer their medications?
Does the facility have arrangements with a nearby hospital in case of emergency?
Are there different levels of care available, including future needs?
Will the facility arrange delivery for prescription and other medical supplies, if necessary?

COMMENTS: ­____________________________________________________





About the Author: Catharine D. Allado- Writes articles for – the most trusted and comprehensive online directory of care homes in California, Florida and the rest of the United States.

Copyright © 2008-2010 La Dolce Living, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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NJ Mover, BD Movers, sighted as an industry leader

We are blessed with some great press.

We were recently featured  in an article titled “Senior Move Management: A new niche for movers?”  The full article link follows this excerpt.

Specialized niche for qualified movers

As the need for senior care specialist continues to grow because of the number of aging boomers, some well established local and long distance moving and storage companies and national van lines have recognized the need to provide provide seamless quality move management relocation services for older customers and their families.

Anthony Baumer is a good example. As the owner and President of BD Movers, Tony operates a well established, mid-sized local and long distance moving company in Manahawkin that’s been servicing customers in and around Ocean County, New Jersey since 1989.

As one of the more involved participants of the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association, and a sitting member on the Board of Directors, Tony has long recognized the unique physical and emotional needs of the moving industry’s older customers.

Initially, his company partnered with local NASMM business owners in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania by providing specially trained moving crews for their clients. Since BD Movers sits in the shadow of the greater New York City market, however, his office was constantly being contacted by retired snowbirds who participate in the annual ritual of moving between the NY-NJ shore and warmer Sunbelt states, or directly by older NYC residents or their families who required professional help to plan their ‘special needs’ move.

Recently Tony decided to become an NASMM member . His familiarity with the organization combined with the growing number of word-of-mouth (WOM) requests for his specially trained BD Movers SSM crews made the decision pretty easy. When contacted about this new role, he responded:

Senior moves are a unique move.  The mover should be familiar with the facility the move is into or at the very least, get the contact information for the management or move in coordinator.  The often have rules much like high-rises on hours of availability and parking areas. Often they have “off limit” areas when residents may be taking lunch or common areas for meetings. Occasionally we must avoid an area of offices for doctor screenings.

The management will usually have a fact sheet they provide the move with their rules. Most are common sense, and will most likely have the requirement of a certificate of insurance to be provided in advance. Expect that some may require the move to be completed within a specified time, especially if they are scheduling an elevator for multiple moves. They may  require that all packing material be removed also.

Before the move, we meet with the client and or the family. Many variables are common, kids are out of state, parents are in the hospital, one spouse may have recently passed away. We cover all the moving requirements but most likely the discussion will include cleaning , hauling away old items, donating items the family does not want but is in good condition, delivering to multiple locations (kids, grand kids, storage, etc).

I may offer the services of a estate sale planner. Sometimes the home needs minor repairs and we provide the contacts to that. Our client may not be up to arranging all the peripheral chores involved with moving, either because of health or distance. We step up and do that. – Tony Baumer, BD Movers

Definitely not the kind of options provided by your typical ‘full service’ local mover!  And what’s more remarkable, when you consider all the value-added SSM services that BD Movers provides, is that the company doesn’t charge anything extra to make their senior customers’ moves as worry and problem free as possible.

The complete article can be found here

Biggest Concerns of Seniors Moving

The  cornerns I hear most often from our Seniors when I give them a moving estimate are:

“I don’t know if I’ll like there”  Number 1 by far if they are moving into assisted living or moving in with their children.

“I don’t know if it will fit”  Usually they are down sizing and everything has a history and value to them.

“I don’t think I can get ready” You hire professionals to make your life easier, they can do anything you require.

I rarely hear how excited they are to make the move nor do I hear of the things they are looking forward to doing there.

Keep this in mind when Mom, Dad or even your spouse seems reluctant. They may be like everyone else moving, scared.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is  BD Movers!(tm)

News article – Senior move

Press release – Senior moving tips
Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 6:24am | Edit Note | Delete
New Jersey Mover, BD Movers Inc. Offers Senior Service, Advice on Senior Move to Smaller Home

Reducing the amount of furnishings and personal items for a senior move can be a daunting task, but with the proper preparation and moving firm, a senior move can be completed in a timely, stress-free fashion.

Manahawkin, NJ (PRWEB) March 10, 2010 — Senior citizens account for 50 percent of the residential moves currently on the housing market, and moving firms such as New Jersey mover, BD Movers of Manahawkin, offers senior services for seniors moving into downsized living quarters.

“Reducing the amount of furnishings and personal items can be a daunting task, but with the proper preparation and moving firm, a senior move can be completed in a timely, stress-free fashion,” says Tony Baumer, owner of BD Movers, a board member with the New Jersey Warehouse and Movers Association.

With a 21-year track record in the moving and storage industry, BD Movers offers senior citizens advice and complete references from handy men, to charities, even CPA’s and elder lawyers. A senior move can be daunting, but with the correct planning and strategy, downsizing is another step in the life process, adds Baumer.

Senior Move Advice, The Basics of Senior Downsizing

– Create senior downsizing task list one to three months in advance.

– Get the family involved in the senior move. If you need help, consider hiring a senior move manager.

– Designate items that will be moved, sold or given away. Decide on the item the senior will want to keep, and will fit into the new senior home.

– Be prepared to provide list of inventory to mover, including any legal documentation, regarding power of attorney, etc. if applicable. For instance – if the children are handling the senior moving details, they should show they have authority to do so.

– Sell what you can at auction, online or a yard sale. Some items may have value that can help defray senior moving expenses.

– Donate the rest to reputable charity. Keep receipts for senior tax purposes. If the furniture is still in good condition, a senior’s sofa or dining room table may be a godsend to a family that needs furniture.

– A senior move is not a “self move. A senior move takes the efforts of many people, family and professionals, to make it go smoothly.

– To save on cost, pack as much as the senior and their family can do themselves. A mover will provide this service, but packing items is the simplest way to save cost for the senior move.

– If the senior moving is in their 80’s, and their children are in their 60’s, carrying heavy furniture should be designated as a senior moving service. Use the movers for heavy items and let family members move lamps and pictures.

BD Movers is a premier New Jersey moving firm serving New Jersey Shore points from Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, Toms River, Asbury Park to Cape May, and inland, from Princeton, Trenton, and north central Jersey.

With more than 21 year’s experience. BD Movers takes pride in moving valued clients, whether residential, commercial or institutional, to new destinations across town, over state lines, or around the world.
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Press only contact is Tina Bradford at 610-248-3460.


Senior move

It’s happened, you are finally retired and you are now moving to a new house or apartment.

Mr's A move in Whiting NJ

Some of us are moving closer to family. Some are moving are a favorite vacation area. Some are moving to reduce the cost of living and get bills under control.

Here is a sobering truth, we are not 25 years old anymore and will need help this time. Family should always be your first choice to help pack and possibly help with the moving , if this is not possible, find a local mover that specializes in “senior moves”

A Senior Moving company will come in, arrange for all the packing, moving and placement at the new residence. Often they help with cleaning crews, organizers, clean out companies. They work with your realtor and lawyers. They are either part of the team or they can lead the team of professionals. Look for the NASMM logo to help narrow your choices. If you are moving to an assisted living facility, they will be able to refer some professionals they work with, (if they don’t know anyone, call me!.)

Summary :  Let family help out as much as possible. If they are not around or unable to help use a professional senior moving company.

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