It’s not my fault you have too much stuff!

We completed a move last week that brought this to mind.

A very pleasant couple was moving into a fairly large apartment at a Senior Living complex. Even though the new place had 2 bedrooms and a fair sized living room, they had 30 years of love and living in their current home. Some things would have to go.

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We thought we had it pared down to a comfortable amount for them. The kids would take some items, some items had out lived their usefulness.

On packing day we saw that things had changed again. We packed way more than would fit at the new place but the kids insisted it go.

On moving day, the kids did not take their items so we had to move those as well to to the new place. A very long day.

Three days of unpacking, (where can we fit this?) and the job was done.  Almost. We have been back twice to help move furniture around in the vain hope of making more room for them.

Please, take only what will fit, only what you will use, and only what you truly love. The rest will weigh you down.

Oh, and it is OK to tell the kids to mind their own business sometimes.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

One response to this post.

  1. I love business owners who tell it like it is for the betterment of the client! As a Realtor, I’m constantly at odds with clients who have WAYYYY too much furniture in the house, and they are downsizing. My team and I try to convince the client that before we get the home on the market, this is their chance to pare down. Relatives can divide items, they can donate to worthy charities (who are more than willing to come at GET the stuff.)

    But alas, we get a contract, we set a closing date, and then they FREAK OUT because they have too much stuff, and no where to put it. Then the movers have to deal with it…. What a shame.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. It’s nice to vent every once in a while.


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