NJ Senior Moves

I was called to help a customer that was moving from Toms River NJ to an assisted living facility.

When I met her, she was just getting back from the doctors. Her arthritis has gotten so bad that the simple things are sometimes just to hard to do. Cooking is impossible some days, and getting dressed can be an ordeal.

Moving day

We will help with all the packing. The packers will arrive the day before the move to make sure everything is ready to go. On moving  day we are scheduled to start at 8am at her house. We should be on the road by 1030 or so. By 2 in the afternoon, everything we have been moved and our unpacking team will be there to get everything organized by dinner time. If we had tried to do the packing, move and unpacking all in one day, it would run much longer than the average person has the patience for. This way, there is much less stress.

At our estimate I make a phone call to a great cleaning company to help our client with that last big clean.

The only reason you hire a mover is make your life easier!

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


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