NJ Senior Move Specialist

I did an estimate for moving yesterday for a couple moving to North Carolina. They are moving to be closer to their children. The daughter found me and asked us to go out and determine the needs and costs involved.

This couple is into their 90’s and very sharp. We went over what would go and the packing they required from us.

We came up with a plan that included them doing some of the packing and we would do the china and fragile pieces. We will deliver the boxes they need so they can get started soon.

Recent move to the Poconos with BD Movers

Some items will not fit in the new home and we supplied them with contacts that either bought furniture or auctioned it off. We suggested a handyman to help with some minor repairs the house needs before it can be sold.Some items will be delivered to the daughters house when we move mom and dad.

The daughter will be kept in the loop on all arrangements and suggestions.

We are discussing moving dates that will accommodate the parents and daughter, and making them firm. No vague “windows of time” for loading and delivery. We give a set time and date to load and a set time and date to deliver.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)


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