Moving companies and Senior move managers

There is a difference between the two and there is a new hybrid.

Moving companies typically pack and move, perhaps unpack onto counter tops and table tops. That is it.

Senior move managers help you decide what to take, organize the process, help pack . At the new place they may unpack, sort, place and organize. Perhaps hang pictures and arrange the furniture. There is a host of services that they provide, except the moving and heavy lifting.

The hybrid, which is more like my company, BD Movers, looks like this. We do the heavy lifting and moving, provide packing if needed but we also come with an arsenal of related professionals to help you. Need a cleaning service? No

Senior move specialist, BD Movers, with a very happy client

Happy Client and her BD Movers crew

problem. Need hauling or trash removal? I got a guy. Need to have an estate sale or auction? I know people. Need to fix a few things for the sale to go through? I have handymen, plumbers, carpenters and roofers.

But, do you need help sorting and organizing? or calling utilities? or just deciding on what to take, or give the kids?  I call a senior move manager to help with the move.

I love move managers! They are “key”  to a successful move for some people. They almost become a hands on concierge service.  Our clients often call them their new family. When I partner with them, there are no gaps in what is needed.

Kids in another state? How comforting is it to have a person or business here, totally in charge of the move and accountable?

I recently partnered with ASortedAffair in Washington DC. Our client moved from New York so we did packing and moving. When we arrived in DC, they met my crew. We unloaded the truck and placed everything where they wanted. ASortedAffair then unpacked everything, hung pictures and mirrors, placed lamps, made it a home again.The client only had to sit, watch and make a few decisions. Perfect move.

I often partner with TransitionMagicians Howell NJ. In this case, Judy Kessler does all the arrangements and we provide just moving services, and perhaps the heavy packing. We move and place it and Judy takes over again doing the unpacking and setting up the house or apartment. Another perfect move.

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm) you senior move specialist

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  1. Thanks Tony and BD Movers!! I am so happy you wrote about the great partnership many move companies and move managers have developed. When you contacted me a few months ago about your client who was moving into the DC area, I was delighted. Beyond being happy about the opportunity to work with you (albeit long distance) I was so impressed that you contacted me on behalf of your client. I know she would have not known to do so without your suggestion. When I called her the idea of a move manager was new to her and she wasn’t quite sure she needed us. After about a 15 minute conversation, we were laughing, sharing stories and reserving a date on our calendar for her arrival here in DC. Tony and I kept in touch during the months to come. He provided me with great and accurate information regarding how many boxes, types of boxes, what was in them, amount and type of furniture that would be packed. This was important for me to know as I was only on the receiving end of the move-so I didn’t see the house she moved from, how things were arranged, etc. I relied on Tony’s expertise to guide me from a distance. When the crew arrived, they were fantastic. They packed up the client at the other end, so they knew her and were familiar with her items. They were so kind, hard working and very respectful. I wish they were local to the DC area-I would work with them all the time!! So, here’s to another great move, successful partnership and some new friends.


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