Senior Care Facility Checklist

La Dolce recently published one of the best check off lists I’ve seen yet. Their contact link follows the article.

La Dolce Living’s Senior Care Home Checklist

Name of Nursing home:____________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
Telephone number: ___________________ Email: ­______________________
Contact Person: ______________________ Date of visit: _________________

Here are some questions to ask when touring a Senior Care Facility. Please feel free to add more questions, if you need to.


Is there a waitlist? If so, for how long?
Are visitors allowed anytime?
Do you like the atmosphere in the facility? Is it home-like?
Does the facility maintain a comfortable temperature for residents?


Do you like the location?
Is it close enough for family and friends to visit?
Is Guest parking available?


Facility has smoke detectors and sprinklers in all the rooms and hallway?
Does the facility have proper lighting?
Exits are clearly marked and unobstructed?
Does the facility have handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms?
Are the areas accessible to walkers and wheelchairs?
Are there door alarms installed?
Does the facility have good security in case a resident wanders?
Are the floors non-skid?
Are the Call buttons in the rooms and bathrooms accessible?
Does the facility have fire extinguishers that are strategically located?
Is there an Emergency drill on a regular basis?


Are the rooms and bathrooms clean?
Is the furniture comfortable and nice or can residents bring furniture?
Is there enough storage space in the room (drawers, cabinets)?
Are there different sizes of room options (singe or double occupancy)?
Are TVs, Cable, Radio, Internet, Telephone available for each room? If so how much is the fee?


Does the food selection vary from day-to-day and meal-to-meal?
Does the facility offer nutritionally balanced meals seven days a week?
Are snacks available?
Can a resident request a special meal?
Do residents follow a meal schedule or can they eat anytime?


Are there any upfront costs? (Deposit and other fees)
Do they charge extra for care and supplies?
Are there different costs for different levels of care?
What type of insurance is accepted?

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Medigap
  4. Long-term care
  5. Private Insurance

How much does the facility charge on a monthly basis?
How much will the insurance cover?
How much will Medicare cover?


Are they friendly?
Are the staff members dressed appropriately?
Do they wear nametags all the time?
Does the facility offer continuing education and training for staff?
Does the facility owners do background check for each staff?
Are the staff trained to handle emergency situations/conditions?


Does the facility offer organized activities with daily schedule postings?
Are there any activities/events held outside of the facility?
Are daily exercise programs available?
Can residents make choices on their daily routine/schedule?


Is transport service available if the resident needs to go to the bank, church, grocery, etc.?
Is staff available 24 hours to assist resident, if necessary?
Does the facility provide housekeeping services for resident’s room?
Any Spiritual Service available?
Does it meet your cultural and language needs?
Does the facility provide updates to family members regarding resident’s condition?


Does the doctor or nurse check on the residents regularly?
Can residents self-administer their medications?
Does the facility have arrangements with a nearby hospital in case of emergency?
Are there different levels of care available, including future needs?
Will the facility arrange delivery for prescription and other medical supplies, if necessary?

COMMENTS: ­____________________________________________________





About the Author: Catharine D. Allado- Writes articles for – the most trusted and comprehensive online directory of care homes in California, Florida and the rest of the United States.

Copyright © 2008-2010 La Dolce Living, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. These are nice check list that we need to know regarding senior care facility.


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